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Kfarfalous - Savior Convent (Deir Al Moukhallis)
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Kfarfalous, Lebanon

Kfarfalous, 15 km from Saida (Saidon, Sidon).


Kfarfalous University

1980 witnessed the start of the largest construction plan ever known by South Lebanon, the Kfarfalous University Complex which cost $ 300 million. The project includes a hospital, university and technical colleges. This complex, situated in one of the most deprived areas of Lebanon, was a flicker of hope for the region's inhabitants. But the Israeli invasion of South Lebanon in 1982 shattered this hope as the better part of this project was demolished and its equipment stolen.


Kfarfalous Neighborhood

Most villages of the Kfarfalous area up to Jezzine are summer resorts. Jezzine, Located at an average altitude of 950m, nature endowed them with beautiful pine forests and fruit tree orchards. Five kilometers from Jezzine lies Bkassin, a lovely quiet village. From there, continue to Binwati, 7 km from Jezzine , where two old domed Moslem shrines stand on a hill. The larger one, known as Nabi Misha is notable for its fine stone work. The smaller shrine is called “nabbiyye,” the female form of the word “nabi,” or prophet. In the village of Mashmushe, which was the first seat of the Maronite bishopric in the area, you can visit the beautiful 18th century monastery.

On the main Jezzine -Saida road are the villages of Homsiye and Rum. The latter is surrounded by vineyards, pine forests and orchards. Three kilometers west of Rum lies Anan, an old Byzantine settlement, famous for its artificial lake, fed by the Litani river through a 16 km long tunnel. West of Anan is a small Crusader fort, known as Abi al Hasan Citadel located on an 80m high promontory.

Continue in the direction of Saida to the villages of Lebaa (22 km) and Kafr Jarra (23 km) where second millennium rock-cut tombs have been excavated. One of these is located near the rear wall of a small house near the village entrance. It is in the vicinity of the old church. Near Kafr Jarra is the Church of Saint John the Baptist, one of the oldest churches in the area. It was built in the 16th century and restored for the first time in 1755 as seen by the inscription above its main entrance. This church was partly destroyed by the Israeli bombardment and the Lebanese Directorate of Antiquities is presently restoring it.

The area south of Jezzine enjoys beautiful scenery. In the midst of pine forests and orchards lie the village of Kfarhuna, Aramta, Rihan, Ayshie and al-Jarmak. West of Aramta are the villages of Mallikh, Lwayze and Jernaya.

All these localities are important summer resorts because of their beautiful natural environment and their healthy climate.

Other villages in the areas:

Baisour, Ain El Mir, Jinsnaya, Qrayyi, Ain El Delb, Mieh w Mieh, Abra, Salhiyyeh, Kefraya, Shwailik, Saidon, Barty, Mrah el Hbas, Mjaidel, Darb el Sim, Maghdouche, Zogdraya, Kfar Hatta, Ankoun, etc





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Lebanese Ministry of Tourism

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